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How to withdraw your Bitcoins from any ATM machine...

How to withdraw your Bitcoins from any ATM machine...


SmartTrade prepaid card is much like a gift card: It allows you to spend whatever amount of money is stored on the card. Once the balance is used up, you can reload the card with Bitcoins online or at an ATM, a smartTrade Agent store. SmartTrade cards are issued by Trusted Agent and the cards are available in various brands by the major credit card companies, including Visa, MasterCard & Verve. With the smartTrade, you can use it in many ways such as; 

-You can withdraw your Bitcoins instantly from any ATM machine.

- You can Receive your gain from your investment.

-You can use it to make some payment online.

- You can use to do some shopping accepted from all POS Machine.

- You can receive your money from different countries abroad and withdraw it here from any ATM machine... etc.

How to use SmartTrade Card to withdraw your Bitcoins from any ATM machine.

SmartTrade cards, work like the normal Bank card. You can load the card any amount unlimited with the Bitcoins or cash deposit from our agents. By default, the card can cash-out or withdraw 1,200,000 NGN or ($2,500) daily. But the users can upgrate the limit to N10 Millions plus or ($25,000) per day. To get the Smarttrade card, all u need is to go open account is HERE. 
and then contact our trusted Agent by writting us via whatsapp Here

How to load the cards with Bitcoins via the Smarttrade ...

After you smart Cards is been loaded with bitcoins, and you will receive an SMS alert that your cards is ready to be withdrawed from any ATM or POS machine ...

Live demonstrations on how to people withdraw the Bitcoins money instantly from ATM is shown below...

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