What is Smart Trade all about?

You can Buy, Trade or Invest into Cryptocurrencies deals anytime and get instant transactions Now with just a click.

Smart Trading is the Global leading platform that enable people to Buy, Trade & Invest into Cryptocurrencies market everywhere and anytime No limitations, No charge, No fees. 

Smart Trade has potential partners everywhere and integrated with multiple Payment system that enable users to carry out instant & secured transactions from any part of the world.

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Al Dassim Mubahrak
The market volume transactions is 5.3Trillions Dollars every 24hr, how many percent do you grab so far and how much do you make a day? Time is Money, so don't be loser.
Al Dassim Mubahrak

Smart Bitcoin Converter

With a fast growing Cryptocurrencies users in the market, people find deficult to exchanges their currencies on time and make some revenue in short people of time. Here we offer u the fastest way of getting ur choice currencies at official rate to your wallet.

Smart Bitcoin Converter

How it works?

The Conversion above shows real time conversions rate from the official cryptocurrencies market. All what u need to do is to put the number of bitcoins (BTC) you wish to convert automatically u will see the equivalent beside in the currency you've chosen to be compared.

Why people choose Smart Trade

There are many reason why people choose us for the General virtual asset (GVA) and investment. the below is the 8 main reasons why most traders & investors choose us.

Data Protection

We secure people's informations as well as the funds in the most secured reservoir, therefore the users data are strictly private.

Security Protected

Our security level is direct proportion to the one of blockchain, we just connect all the millions transactions to the blockchain addressing every users in the smart Trading.

Support 24/7

We highly active to receive all kind of feedback or complains from all the users around the Globe. The users can reach us anytime & everywhere No hesitations.

Payment Methods

We have multiple way for the payment in both pay in and Pay out. which include Cryptocurrencies, mobile money, Stripe, payeer and Credit cards payment system.

Registered Company

Smart Trading Inc, is register company as an international trading company which is partner with different active companies in world.

Trustworthy Platform

With our 20 years experience, we always put smiles on our user's faces. for those whose tested us must have told the reality of the business.

Live Exchange Rates

we use the smart system that fetch real price from the coinmarketCap and put into our conversion system here, to ease the transactions of the currencies.

Cryptocurrency Investments

Perfectly elaborated and calculated investment plans for who want to lets his money work for him while sleeping, let's work smart Not work hard in life.

How to Get Start

Very simple, all you need to do sign-up for free then you choose the currencies and the wallet where to buy or sell the coins instantly with just a clicks.

Choose your Wallet
When buying or sell a currency, you can select your choice wallet where to send or receive the coins.
Make Payment
We have multiple payment options available, you can choose the one that suit your operations
Buy or Sell Orders
Have an instant transactions when Buying or selling, the payment is being made within 15min. max 1hr or refund.
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What you should know about SMART TRADE

What other people saying about us, when they had some few transactions from the past few years. they like to share their words about their experience trading at Smart Trade.

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